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World Congress on Unmanned Systems Engineering

Conference & Exhibition

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 27th & 28th July, 2017

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The 2017 WUEng

We cordially invite you to join us for the 2017 World Congress on Unmanned Systems Engineering - Conference and Exhibition at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (27th and 28th July 2017). The Congress offers a chance to network with Unmanned Systems researchers, scientists, business professionals and end-users in a relaxing atmosphere. The Congress will attract visitors from all around the world representing excellent opportunities to showcase innovations in drone technology.

The 2017 WUEng promotes the advancement of the applied science, technology and operation of unmanned systems through the dissemination of cutting-edge research. The Congress provides a forum for researchers, scientists, business professionals and industry representatives World-wide to present the latest innovations and future research directions in Unmanned Systems Engineering.

Cambridge is a beautiful city, recognised
throughout the world as a place of
learning and innovation. With spectacular
architecture, inspiring culture and refreshing
green spaces, you can learn about the
heritage and contemporary life of the
University, Colleges, museums and the city
during your visit.

Visitor Guide - University of Cambridge

The 2017 WUEng offers four Engineering tracks

Air Systems
Ground Systems
Maritime Systems
Space Technologies

The Congress aims to encapsulate a distinctive international flavour. Participants representing 30 to 40 different countries are expected in attendance. The Congress is sponsored by Marques Aviation Ltd (www.marquesaviation.com) and hosted by the International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering (www.ijuseng.com).

Benefits of attending the 2017 WUEng
• Researchers, engineers and scientists will be able to communicate their latest research findings.
• The Congress offers alternative types of Abstract/Paper presentations: e-presentations offer delegates who cannot
personally attend the Congress the opportunity to have their paper presented electronically.
• Delegates may serve as Session Chairs for their respective sessions.
• Delegates may specify their preferred presentation day.
• Best Presentation Awards are determined by a vote of congress participants and recipients obtain a signed
certificate from the World Congress.
• Accepted peer-reviewed Abstracts and Full Papers will be published online in the Proceedings of the WUEng
Congress, hosted by the International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering.
• More detailed versions of high-quality full papers from the WUEng Congress will be invited for further review
leading to publication in the International Journal of Unmanned Systems Engineering.
• An excellent opportunity to make business acquaintances and showcase novel industry products.

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